the GriffinHarte Foundation
The GriffinHarte Foundation Donate (a very civil verb) from donation; think also dare, care, share. 1. To give or transfer, to share one’s resources, to make a contribution without fee. 2. The opposite of dominant, dominate and dominion. 3. Very much a part of civility, community, curiosity, and conversation.

How to Donate

The GriffinHarte Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote civil conversations about issues that divide us and are often contentious and difficult to sort through. These questions usually involve issues of fairness, equity, respect, identity (who we are) and the complex ways we are connected to other people. Most importantly, they almost always are related to the very foundations of our lives—so they require that we find ways to communicate effectively about them. You can support this endeavor by donating to the GriffinHarte Foundation.

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