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My Feminist Thinking Essays

My Feminist Theory
Jessica Solverud

"Feminism articulates political opposition to the subordination of women as women, whether that subordination is ascribed by law, imposed by social convention, or inflicted by individual men and women…. Feminism generally springs from each woman’s own lived...

My Feminist Thinking
Katie Kethcart

As someone who considers myself relatively new to embracing and fully expressing feminist ideals, my definition of feminism is still developing as my knowledge of feminism continues to grow. At this time in my life, my definition of feminism says that every person, no...

A Way Forward
Aaron Keel

A feminist’s work is never done. It is a daily struggle and a full time job. It is acknowledging the past and finding a way forward. It is about equity vs. equality. It is about political, economic, and social justice. It is about having a fair shot; a chance to...

My Feminist Thinking
Jeremy Grossman

Many years ago a friend told me what he thought of feminism. “It’s totally contradictory, because to claim that women deserve more rights than men is equally damaging. Also, the very existence of feminism itself highlights the differences between genders that...

Feminist Thinking
Alex Coughlin

It is important for me to start this piece with a note about myself and my views on feminism. I have expanded my critical understanding of feminism, both materially and emotionally at an explosive pace over the last two years. I have been challenged, accepted,...