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Hot Heads for Civility

Civility isn’t always easy, but it’s even harder when you are cold. Because the GriffinHarte Foundation is committed to addressing incivilities in all their overt and covert manifestations, we are proud to launch a new project: warm hats for cold heads. The project involves three things: 1) people who can crochet or knit, 2) individuals who need warm hats and agencies that can get the hats to them, and 3) donations of yarn, patterns, and/or money to purchase yarn and patterns.

Here is how it works.

Under the direction of Shanel Hughes, our lead “Mad Hatter,” we want to identify individuals with a passion for crocheting and knitting and a commitment to civility. We then will identify agencies that can donate our hats to individuals who need “hot heads” rather than cold ones. Shanel, Cindy, and our team of Mad Hatters will then secure donations of yarn, cast on, yarn over, hook, click, and even slip a few stitches. Once the hats are done, we donate them to our “agency of the quarter” who will then distribute them to those in need. Civility is in the small gestures as much as it is in the large ones, we think.

Here is what you can do.

Volunteer to hook and click with us, a.k.a. become one of our Mad Hatters. Identify agencies that can donate our finished hats—either to little people or big ones. Help us secure donations from yarn and fiber stores, donate your extra stash to us, or offer up some George Wa